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Finally a good Unionist perspective on the Troubles

Written by Lord (John) Laird the book is a part biography which details the argument of the Unionist people of Northern Ireland within the framework of a remarkable life.

Written in a hugely readable style this absorbing book covers topics such as corruption in the Irish Republic, the history of the Unionist movement, IRA bombings and their effects on normal people as well as explaining the role that the Scotch-Irish have had through the history of USA as well as Europe.

I throughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in the history of Ireland or of the Scotch Irish. Available here.

Ulster's old buildings, history and genealogy.

Our website is full of historical and genealogical information about the Province of Ulster in Ireland. From an archive of Irish built heritage to the Ulster Scots (Scotch Irish) we have it here. We add new things regularly so keep checking back!

Old Buildings of Ireland
Here you can search through an archive of old buildings and their remains.

We have photographs and descriptions of loads of sites but we're constantly adding more.

We encourage people to submit any information on sites of interest near their homes which we then publish in the database.

Belfast & Industry
Loads of information on Belfast's industrial past.

You will find descriptions of Belfast written in the Victorian period as well as descriptions of Belfast's famous Ship building industry.

That industry of course produced the fateful Titanic ocean liner and there is a description of her launch in Belfast Harbour in 1911.
 Scotch Irish/Ulster Scots
Here you can find information about Scotch Irish (also known as Ulster Scots) emigration to America and beyond.
 Ulster Historical Timeline
A detailed history of Ulster running from pre-history to the early 1900s.
 Siege of Londonderry database
Biographical database of people involved in the Siege of Derry. Also contains portraits of the main players and illustrations from the time.